About the Indonesian Timber  Exchange

The Indonesian Timber Exchange (ITE) is a powerful Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution specifically created for the Indonesian Timber industry with the intention of connecting buyers and suppliers with new inbound sales opportunities. 

With the ITE, Indonesian Timber Merchants, Importers and Manufacturers can connect with hundreds of local and international timber buyers and suppliers.  

The ITE was created in 2018 from a collaboration between the PNORS Technology Group and APHI (Indonesia Forest Business Association). The PNORS Technology Group has over 35 years of experience in the development of Timber software and is the most used and trusted supplier in Australia.

Together, with APHI's knowledgeable community of members, the ITE allows for timber companies in Indonesia to trade seamlessly with domestic and international traders.

Indonesian Timber Exchange

Why ITE?

Utilizing the same framework of Australia‚Äôs Timber and Hardware Exchange (T&HE) the ITE was introduced in 2018 to assist the Indonesian timber industry with exporting and importing timber and timber related products.  

The ITE uses international standards for electronic trading connecting buyers and suppliers throughout the supply chain with a highly integrated eCommerce platform. 

The automation of these processes, in turn, reduces the number of resources needed to complete administrative tasks ensuring staff redeployment to more important tasks with the benefits being passed on in improving processes and reducing internal resources.

Connecting timber traders

Connecting timber traders

The Indonesian Timber Timber exchange provides Timber Manufacturers, Merchants, Importers and Exporters as well as buyers and other timber-related companies with an efficient, cost-effective solution for conducting business transactions. With over 35 years of experience, we understand the business processes and supply chain management that takes place in the timber industry and the ITE has been the creating of decades of experience and technological advancements.

We understand the Timber industry and the complexity of hundreds of products with varying sizes and product identification codes which cause disruption in your supply chain if errors occur.

Indonesian Timber Exchange is a fully automated customizable B2B electronic commerce solution for the timber industry that can achieve this aim with unprecedented efficiency. Using an optimum blend of eCommerce technology, knowledge of the timber industry's supply chain management and off-line management services and support, all partners can access a controlled, fully secure eCommerce communication and transaction system specifically tailored to the Indonesian timber industry.

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