About the PNORS Technology Group

The PNORS Technology Group of companies has offices in Indonesia, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane. Together with the benefits of offering complementary technology solutions to grow your business, PNORS is able to provide a personalised tailored service while still ensuring the security and business continuity that being part of a large company provides.

PNORS has been a technology developer, supplier and consultant of the Australian Timber industry since 1982 and has successfully implemented technology solutions for 1000's of clients. 

PNORS Technology Group of Companies


Integrated business technology solutions to grow your business

Each member of the PNORS Technology Group aims to enhance their offering by incorporating the complementary solutions provided by other companies in the Group.

Datatime Services

Datatime Services Automated data capture services manage, capture, validate and convert business documents to their digital equivalent, including surveys and forms. Our aim is to improve efficiency, information integrity and reduce workload by removing the manual entry of data from any paper or electronic data source.

Netway Networks

Netway Networks Provides network security, IT support and strategic direction for customer’s information systems and technology requirements. Our aim is to design, implement and support best practice IT infrastructure ensuring system integrity, reliability and backup services to achieve optimum business continuity.

Pacific Commerce

Pacific Commerce

Hosts and operates business-to-business eCommerce exchanges for electronic trading of business documents. Our aim is to ensure the process of electronic trading is made as simple as possible so that any organisation, whatever their size, can enjoy the benefits and economies provided by our extensive EDI services.


WilldooIT Business management solutions using Odoo as a platform for ERP implementations, with seamless EDI integration and services provided by other companies in the PNORS Group. Vertical ERP solution for the timber industry in the specifically designed Timber Industry Management and Marketing System (TIMMS) and  TIMMSanywhere. Our aim is to provide sophisticated, innovative and tailored ERP and integrated business solutions while ensuring a professional and supportive customer experience.