1. Signing up

On the ITE homepage, click on the ‘Contact’ menu item and select ‘Supplier Signup’.


You will then be redirected to the screen below. You are now required to enter your email address, name (we suggest company name) and password.



2. Editing Your Profile

Now that you are signed up it is recommended that you edit your profile.

Editing your profile will ensure that the supplier accepts your order. If your profile is not edited it might appear to the supplier that your profile is fake, and they will not accept your order.

Click on ‘My Orders’.


When you first log into the ITE, you will be required to accept the Terms and Conditions. Accepting the Terms and Conditions upon signing up is mandatory, and you cannot use the system until this is done.

Furthermore, whenever the ITE Terms and Conditions are updated you will also see the screen below. You must accept before you can use the system.

2.1 - Editing account details

Now that you have accepted the Terms and Conditions you can use the system.

Click on my profile to edit your account details.

Use this screen below to edit your profile by clicking the pencil icon on the top right as shown below:

In edit mode, you can change the following information:

  • Name

  • Profile Picture

  • Company description 


2.2 - Editing Contact Details 

In your account, you have the option to add multiple contact details. We suggest limiting them as much as possible and potentially only having one or two addresses. This will ensure that your orders and documentation go to the right places. We recommend one address for ‘shipping’ and one for ‘billing’.

Click on ‘Create New Contact’ to add more than one or ‘Edit’ to edit the Master contact.

2.3 - Adding an Association

If you are a member of timber association, we recommend adding it to your profile. This will give your company further creditability and could even help you with receiving a discount from the supplier.

Click on ‘Edit Memberships’ at the bottom of your profile.

Once there, you can either select further from the prefilled examples or add a new one by entering the details in ‘Other Associations’.

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3. Navigating the System

Now that you have updated your company details and you are logged into the system; you can begin to have a look around.

There are six primary menu items as shown below:


  • Home: Will take you back to the primary ITE site and out of the catalogue Webform: Allows you to see your documents with the following menu items:

    • Orders: The orders that you have submitted to the suppliers

    • Invoices: Invoices received upon acceptance of your order

    • ASNs: ASNs received upon pre-dispatch/dispatch of product

  • Catalogue: The home of all of the products available on the ITE

  • Suppliers: The full list of suppliers on the ITE

  • My Profile: The area where you can edit/update your company details

  • Logout: A quick way of logging out of the system

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4. Placing an Order

To place an order you must first either select your chosen supplier or choose your product from the catalogue.

To view the catalogue, log into the ITE and then click the ‘Catalogue’ menu item.

4.1 - Using the Catalogue

To find the product you wish to purchase, you can use the filter on the left-hand side of the catalogue. From here, you can filter by ‘Species’, ‘Product Name’, ‘Type’ and ‘Supplier’.

Here is an example of a filtered search:

To place an order, click on the product and you will be taken to the product screen:

From here, you select your quantity by entering in the quantity and then click ‘Create New Order’.

You will then be taken to the order page as seen below:

From here, you can edit the following details:

  1. Billing address

  2. Shipping address

  3. Cust. Order No.

  4. Shipping method

  5. Shipping terms

  6. Notes (for additional notes)


You can also click ‘Edit Lines’ that allows you to change the quantity required or the product that you want to order. You can also add new products before submitting the order by clicking ‘New Line’.

Once you are happy with your order, please click ‘Save Changes’.

You will then be asked to ‘confirm’ your order.

Note: Once confirmed – this order will be sent to the supplier and you will not be able to edit again. Only confirm when you are happy to proceed.

You will now receive a confirmation email and your order will be sent to the supplier.

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5. Checking an Order

To check on the progress of your order, please login to the ITE.  

Once you are logged into the system, please click on ‘My Profile’ and then click on ‘My Orders’. 

From there, you will be taken into your profile where you can see your orders and status.

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6. Viewing an Invoice

Once you have submitted your order to the supplier, the supplier has the option to accept or reject. You will receive an email notification when the order has been accepted or rejected.

6.1 - Reasons why your Order Might be Rejected

In a perfect world, all orders would be smooth and straightforward. However, it is at the buyer’s discretion to accept or reject an order. Here are some of the reasons why an order may be rejected:

  • They are unsure about your profile

  • They are not sure if you are a real buyer

  • They do not have the available quantity on hand

  • They are no longer selling this product

  • They do not ship to your country

  • This product is not available for export

6.2 - Once the Order has been Accepted

Once the order has been accepted you will be required to make payment prior to the products being dispatched.

You can access the invoice and payment details in one of two ways.

1. Viewing the invoice by clicking ‘Webforms’ and the ‘Orders’:

and then clicking on the order:

and then clicking on the invoice :

2. Viewing the invoice by clicking ‘Webforms’ and the ‘Invoices’:

and then clicking on the order :

The payment details can be found on the bottom left of the invoice.

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7. Viewing an ASN

Once the payment has been made and the supplier is satisfied with the order, they will mark the invoice as paid and will create the ASN.

You will be notified when payment has been finalised and when the ASN has been created.

There are two ways to view the ASN.

1. Click on ‘Webforms’ and then ‘Orders’:


and then clicking on the order :


and then clicking on the ASN on the bottom right :


2. Viewing the invoice by clicking ‘Webforms’ and then ‘ASNs':

and then clicking on the order:

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8. Closing an Order

Once the products have been delivered and you are satisfied with the order, you can mark the products as delivered, the supplier will be notified and they will close the order.

Please login the ITE and click on ‘My Profile’ and then ‘ASN Documents’.


From there, you can see a button at the bottom left-hand side, ‘Mark as Delivered’. Please click on this to notify the supplier that you have received the order.  

Once this button has been checked, you are letting the supplier know that the order has been closed.

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9. Chatter

To communicate to either the buyer or supplier you can now use the chatter functionality (shown below). Once a message is entered in here the recipient will receive an email. The chatter will also be stored on the relevant document so can be referred back to at all times.


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10. Customer support

If you have any issues or feedback on this system, you can email customer support at the following email address: 



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