Product Catalog Managment System

About Boulevard  

Product Catalog Managment System

Boulevard is powerful product catalogue management (PCM) created by Pacific Commerce, a member of the PNORS Technology Group. This tool is utilised by many organisations to maintain large volumes of product data. It is designed to support organisations with the centralisation of content, pricing and product information. Boulevard can be customised to suit specific customer environments and system integration requirements for interaction with industry catalogues, trading exchanges and web portals. 

Boulevard was designed to streamline trading exchanges and for use by suppliers, retailers, wholesalers, content aggregators and any organisation who deal with large volumes of product data. 

Access to centralised, dependable data is immediately available to all your business units through a range of different media types including print-ready PDFs, the internet, industry catalogues, CDs, or trading exchanges in conjunction with an internal intranet. Using clean and consistent data can save staff time and provide greater consistency in branding, pricing, promotions and sales material. Boulevard contains a depth of detailed product information including product codes, prices, descriptions and associated files in the form of images, technical details and packaging specifications.

Why Boulevard?

The output from Boulevard can also be used to produce price lists, product flyers, material safety data sheets and major catalogues in Excel or PDF format ready for print. As the structure of the output has been configured specifically for company requirements, there are savings in time and resources previously spent in creating and printing materials manually.

The benefits of a product catalogue management system 

Clean Consistent Data Set

You can create a cleansed dataset which minimises miscalculations and over/under pricing mistakes.

Enhanced Trading Relationships

You can trade with your business parties based upon real-time product-level information.

Reduced Operational Costs

No longer waste time providing your external and internal stakeholders with product-level information.

New Trading

Large organisations require their trading partners to be compliant with a clean bill of data.

Real-time Maintenance and Updates

Easily maintain and update your product data, pricing and specs as its allocated to the one central location.